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Seasons Best Sports Timing we have packages designed for small races and charities to keep costs low and to enable you to be able to afford timing using sustainable re-usable timing chips. 

We also have packages that are designed for big races so you can save money on posting out race numbers. 

We use My-Laps timing equipment which is the best timing equipment you can get registering chips up to 6.5 foot high and able to time your race no matter how many entrants.. 



Seasons Best as well as Timing we can handle all your registration needs at a low cost.

We use Njuko, Run Britain and SI Entries as standard however with a background in Web Design and systems we can use any registration system out there if you have a different preference. 

On Njuko we can build a completely bespoke entrant landing page based on your branding which can then be incorporated with your website.  

All races we time are also actively promoted on our social media. 



Seasons Best we pride ourselves on Live Results this is because we are all runners who work here and people want instant results. 

A lot of the time runners dont know where to find results hence why we have developed several methods from creating the results page the day before a race to putting QR codes to results on the back of race numbers. 

We are always forward looking and innovating.. 

So get in touch today and see what we can do for you..


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