Re – Usable Ankle Tag 

This is a very good option for any race of 200 runners and under as you are not paying for disposable chips.

These velcro ankle straps are handed out before the race and have to be handed back after the finish line, they are waterproof and contain 3 timing chips inside the strap so very accurate as well.

Thin Tag 

We use the Thin Tag system this is a timing chip attached to the back of the race number.

This can either come attached to a race number provided by us, or if you have a race number supplier already, race numbers can be sent directly to us so we can attach the timing chip on your behalf.

The costing of a Thin Tag is £0.50p per runner.

Easy Mat System

We primarily use the 6M easy mat system which rolls out to create a start/finish line in seconds. 

This system can be used in conjunction with an extra 2 mats to make it up to 8m wide.

The floor mats are so sensitive that side antennas are not needed and can pick up a chip 6.5 feet off the ground.

Reader Boxes

All the reader boxes we use have internal batteries and come in water proof boxes so can survive whatever terrain we are timing in.

Video Backup

Even though we use the best timing system in the world, clients still feel re-assured having a extra line of backup, which is why we have a GoPro on a tripod stationed at the finish.

This can be used as a backup or the footage used for finishers to watch their finish of the race.

Race Clock

All of our races a Race Clock is included as standard